vineri, 18 septembrie 2015

Yummy tuna salad

1 good quality can of tuna
red pepper, whole (spice pepper, not bell pepper)
chopped, green celery stalks
abundant chopped parsley
a bit of chopped (green/red) onion
cubed cucumber
chopped leafy salad
quality olive oil
juice from half a lemon
italian dried spice (optional)
capers (optional)
other green veggies you can think of (kohlrabi, fennel, etc)

Give everything a good mix in a generous bowl and enjoy!
I find the red pepper totally makes this dish.
Also, avoid using tomatoes as they don't seem to combine that well with the canned tuna.


Hearty ravioli with pesto

300g fresh, good quality ravioli filled with parmesan/ricotta
100g basil pesto
100g fresh fava beans
half a green fennel, cut julienne
40g grated hard cheese (parmesan/grana padana)

cooking time: 15min (if you pre-boil the beans)

Boil the fava beans with the fennel stalks in salty water for about 50min or until they soften.
Discard the water and add fresh, salted, boiling water in which you boil the fennel for about 7 minutes.
Add the ravioli with the boiled beans and fennel stalks.
Drain the water and stir in a few good dollops of pesto.
Add grated cheese and enjoy!

duminică, 29 martie 2015

Perfect basmati rice

Quantities for a meal for two:

1 small cup of rice (~ 200ml)
1 & 1/2 of the same cup with boiling water (from the kettle)
pinch of salt
a bit of vinegar (optional)

Rinse the rice with water and let it soak for 30min. Soaking is optional but it's said to produce fluffier results.
The secret to fluffy basmati rice is the right amount of water and a well sealed pot to capture the steam.

Drain the rice, put in the pot (pick one with a lid that fits as good as possible).
Add the boiling water by measuring it with the same cup where the rice was.
Add the pinch of salt and a splash of vinegar (helps keep the grains separated)

Cover the pot, bring to boil then reduce heat close to lowest setting.
If needed, seal the pot with some tin foil.
After 15 minutes, set aside for another 5 min.

Now it's ready, prepare for perfect fluffiness!!! Mix with a fork and serve!

duminică, 15 martie 2015


Follow this recipe for excellent results.

For filling a standard baking tray I recommend using a bit less sugar and more almonds: 250g almonds and 200g of sugar.
Also, add about a tablespoon of flour and 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to make it really soft.
Keeping it for a day in the fridge is essential!

On my oven, use 150 deg for 15min, on the middle tray!
Otherwise the bottom and top will overbake.

sâmbătă, 17 ianuarie 2015

Salata delicioasa de ton

fenicul taiat subtire, julienne
castraveti taiati cubulete
andive taiate julienne
zeama de la o jumatate de lamaie
patrunjel tocat
o cutie de 80g de ton
masline verzi
ardei capia taiati marunti
condimente de salata italiene (la rasnita)
ulei de masline de buna calitate

amestecati si, voila!