luni, 1 octombrie 2012

The ultimate tomato soup

I have always been a sucker for tomatoes in all kinds of forms (not so much ketchup nowdays) but tomato soup had a special place in my heart and also caused me some grief as I never succeeded to make a proper one, until NOW!

Armed with the knowledge gathered from the Internet, I came up with a variation of roasted tomato soup as you'll see below:


2kg tomatoes, as ripe as you can get them
3-4 carrots
4-5 green celery sticks
5-6 garlic cloves, unpeeled
good quality
olive oil
fresh basil
3 red bell pepper - optional

Half the tomatoes and place them in the large over tray, over baking paper, bleeding side up
Sprinkle them generoulsy with salt and pepper and olive oil :)
Cut the tips of the garlic cloves and scatter them in the tray

In a smaller tray put the cut bell peppers as well if you want to add an extra kick.

Preheat to 190 C and bake for about 40min or so or until they start to darken at the edges.

In the meantime, boil the bitesize cut carrots and celery for about 20min and leave to cool.
If you have extra tomatoes, boil them as well.

Wait for the tomatoes to cool a bit and then squeeze them out of their peel into a blender.
Do the same with the nicely baked garlic (discard if buned though)
Add the boiled vegetables and the bell pepper if you have it.

Now whizz it generously and enjoy the most delicious tomato soup ever!

Finish it with some sour cream/goat cheese and basil leaves with oil.